2008-02-04 - The Rest Of My Life.
2007-06-06 - I'm Alive.
2007-01-29 - Zap.
2006-05-21 - Sad But True.
2006-03-17 - A Bit Of Laziness, A Bit More Of Drunkenness.
2006-03-13 - Triumphant, No Doubt.
2006-02-13 - An Unexpected Lapse.
2006-01-25 - Who Do I Know?
2006-01-23 - Double Deuce.
2006-01-12 - So Give In, Or Just Give Up.
2006-01-05 - Dogs And Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria!
2005-11-30 - That Used To Be Your Favorite Phrase.
2005-11-15 - Quick And Needy.
2005-10-23 - I'm In.
2005-10-20 - ENTER.
2005-10-17 - It's All Inside.
2005-10-13 - Get Smart.
2005-10-11 - Buy One Get Three Free.
2005-10-03 - A+ Students.
2005-09-29 - I Bet You Think This Song Is About You.
2005-09-26 - Walk It Off.
2005-09-21 - A Digital Conquest.
2005-09-19 - Mystery Tour 2005: Part II.
2005-09-14 - Mystery Tour 2005: Part I.
2005-09-11 - Remember IV.
2005-09-09 - Incandescent.
2005-09-07 - In A Lose, Lose Situation.
2005-08-23 - Hello Again, One And All.

The Beginning - November 29, 2001 to June 2, 2002
A collection of entries from the first, to my last before my departure for my first summer with The Glassmen. Most of these you won't understand. Hell I don't, but you're welcome to read them anyway.

The Transition - August 11, 2002 to July 29, 2003
My triumphant return home, my first year of college, and my entries made during my second summer tour. Towards the end of this batch my entries begin to make sense, I even use complete sentences. There are other decent ones scattered about but good luck finding them.

The New Year - August 12, 2003 to June 18, 2004
My second year of college and a few entries before my third summer tour, this one with the Blue Devils. These are all good and I recommend them for your reading pleasure. My days of senseless dribble are long gone.

The Age Out - August 22, 2004 to July 8, 2005
This section includes all entries from my return home from The Blue Devils in 2004, my third year of college, and my departure for the 2005 tour, plus other various tidbits. There doesn't seem to be as many entries here, but what counts is the quality, not the quantity. And I do believe the quality of these entries rivals that of most others.

The Present - August 23, 2005 to Present
This is a new present, my gift to you (I'm so clever). This section includes my return home from my second season with The Blue Devils up to the newest entry. When I feel as though it's time to change the name again, I will do so. Until then, it's fitting.